How to make an USB Bootable?

Make a Bootable USB Flash Drive in 3 Minutes:

Do you have an USB that you still don’t use it? Now it’s the time to find a utility for your USB. An operating system install drive for your Windows, UNIX and Mac Systems, or even as a diagnostic tool for you desktop or laptop may be the solution. How to ? You can find a complete step-by-step tutorial below, so be patient and stay close!

Step 1. Search for Command Prompt. Now run Command Prompt, by right-clicking on it and choosing Run as administrator. If it’s required, insert the password of your Administrator account.

Step 2. Now Type diskpart and hit Enter.

Step 3. Type listdisk and hit Enter.Now you will be able to see a list of your connected drives on your PC. Your USB Flash drive should be also here. Notice the number of it.

Step 4. Select your USB from the list. Type in select disk [and the number of it without “[” “]” ]. Hit Enter.For eg select disk 3

Step 5. Clean the USB Flash Drive. Type clean and hit Enter.

Step 6. Create a primary partition on your USB Flash Drive. Run the command create partition primary. You will be welcomed by the message Diskpart succeed in creating the specified partition.

Step 7. Choose the partition. Type in select partition 1 and hit Enter. After this to complete the process, type in active, so you can use it.

Step 8. Format the USB Flash Drive. Run the command format fs=fat32 and hit Enter.
Note: For small drives it will take only few minutes. For 64Gb USB Thumb Drives it may take hours. So, be patient. If you can’t wait, you may use the command format fs=fat32 quick, but we don’t recommend it.

Step 9. Allocate a letter to your bootable drive.  Run the command assign and hit Enter.

To exit from Diskpart simply run exit command.



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